About Socolnet!

A growing number of collaborative-networked organization forms are emerging as a result of the advances in the information and communication technologies, the market and societal needs, and the progress achieved in a large number of international projects. In fact, a large variety of collaborative networks have emerged during the last years as a result of the challenges faced by both the business and scientific worlds. The accumulated body of empiric knowledge and the size of the involved research community provide the important pre-conditions for the foundation of a new scientific discipline of collaborative networks. The organization of such discipline is likely to have a boosting effect in the development and consolidation of the area, both in terms of research, and practical implantation. As an instrument to support the consolidation of the area and the interactions among the involved researchers and professionals, the SOCOLNET association was launched at the end of 2006, beginning of 2007.

SOCOLNET is an international technical and scientific association, not for profit, that aims at promoting and stimulating scientific research, education, technological development, scientific and technical interactions among researchers in the area of Collaborative Networks, including virtual organizations, virtual enterprises, virtual communities, virtual laboratories, and related areas. In order to pursue its objective, the society may carry out all the activities that it deems necessary or appropriate and, in particular, may:


    Promote the exchange of ideas and experiences among its members, and between them and the rest of the scientific community in order to increase the knowledge of the area.


    Promote activities such as seminars, courses, colloquia, conferences, workshops, etc.


    Promote and sponsor the edition of publications relevant for the objectives of the association.


    Propose education curricula on collaborative networks.


    Promote studies and research actions on collaborative networks.

  • Collaboration

    Collaborate with other organizations.