16TH IFIP Working Conference on VIRTUAL ENTERPRISES Albi, France, 05-07 October 2015

Risks and Resilience of Collaborative Networks

Enterprises and society, in general, are increasingly challenged by unexpected disruptive events. The acceleration of globalization, demographic shifts, regional economic crises, changes in regulations, and rapid technological evolution lead to turbulence and instability. Additional factors contributing to this changing environment include global warming, terrorism, cyber-attacks, scarcity of resources, raising of nationalism, racism, and religious conflicts, among others.

Collaborative Networks (CNs) can provide tools to help organizations cope with unexpected changes and disruptions, particularly when exploring rapid consortia formation and dynamic structural re-organization mechanisms. CNs may also support addressing new business opportunities in these highly dynamic scenarios.

PRO-VE 2015 calls for contributions addressing these challenging questions:

  • In which ways can CNs support agility and resilience?
  • How can CNs mitigate risks of collaboration in turbulent disruptive environments?
  • What are significant examples of application cases and advanced ICT support systems supporting agile and resilient CNs?

A plurality of scientific communities in Computer Science, Electrical and Industrial Engineering, Economics, Organizational Management, and Socio-Human Sciences are encouraged to submit focusing on interdisciplinary solutions.

Topics include, among others:

  • Resilience models and environments
  • Risk management in disruptive scenarios
  • Advanced collaborative behaviors
  • Emergence and collaborative self-organization
  • Governance and collaboration supervision
  • Collaboration and social networks
  • Beyond cloud infrastructures
  • Resilient business processes
  • Business models and value creation
  • Resilient product servicing networks
  • Collaborative smart cyber-physical systems
  • Event-driven collaborative networks
  • Collaborative digital metropolis and big data
  • Collective awareness and innovation
  • Collaborative e-health and AAL
  • Collaborative networks in transportation, construction, education, government, sustainability, and energy management



  • Full paper submission: 3 May 2015;
  • Acceptance notice: 31 May 2015;
  • Camera ready submission: 14 June 2015