BASYS 2010

9th IFIP International Conference on Information Technology for BALANCED AUTOMATION SYSTEMS 21-23 June 2010, Valencia, Spain

Co-innovating in products, services and processes towards a knowledge-based and sustainable manufacturing. The BASYS 2010 Conference will be a forum where to share visions and research findings towards innovative sustainable and knowledgebased products-services and manufacturing models. The focus of BASYS is to discuss how human actors, emergent technologies and even organizations are integrated in order to redefine the way in which the value-creation process must be conceived and realized. As customers are being attracted to be involved in Co-Innovation Networks, improved responsiveness and agility is expected from industry ecosystems. Renewed production systems needs to be modeled, engineered and deployed in order to achieve cost-effective solutions. BASYS 2010 expects to discuss new approaches in automation where synergies between people, systems and organizations’ needs to be fully exploited in order to create high added-value products and services. Since pervasiveness will be at the heart of the next generation of Balanced Automation Systems, contributions on its research trends as well as emerging and potential applications to open innovation networks, advanced manufacturing and factory automation will be welcome.


  1. Co-Innovation Networks in Industry
  2. Industry ecosystems and emergent business models
  3. Advanced Production Engineering
  4. Pervasive Digital Factory

Sponsors: IFIP WG5.5, SOCOLNET Deadlines: Abstracts: 15 Nov 2009 Full papers: 15 Dec 2009