CoDIS - Collaborative Networks and Distributed Industrial Systems

- A research group of CTS – Center of Technology and Systems

- Promoter of SOCOLNET – Society of Collaborative Networks



CoDIS group focuses its research activities on the understanding (principles and models) and support (methods, tools, and technologies) collaborative networks and distributed architectures and systems applied to industry and services.

Current focus

Theoretical foundation for Collaborative Networks

Which reference models for CN?
What are the base principles and mechanisms of collaboration?
Which performance indicators for collaborative business ecosystems?
Which strategies for resilience and antifragility in business ecosystems?
Which mechanisms for collaborative cyber-physical systems?

Applied research in Collaborative Networks

Which pilot demonstrations for creating scientific and industrial impact?

  • Elderly care domain
  • Energy and smart grids Manufacturing
  • Transportation


With PhD

  • Luis M. Camarinha-Matos (Group Coordinator)
  • António Abreu
  • João Rosas
  • Patrícia Macedo
  • Ana Inês Oliveira
  • Filipa ferrada

PhD Students

  • Javaneh Ramezani
  • Thais Baldissera
  • Paula Graça
  • Artem Nazarenko
  • Majid Zamiri
  • Kankam Adu-Kankam
  • Ricardo Almeida
  • Nazanin Vafaei